Why are my WordPress pages and posts blank

Are you wondering,

“Why are my WordPress pages and posts blank”?

Over at Restored316designs.com we get this question a few times a week.  There is actually a simple solution.

If you are frustrated because your blog posts or WordPress website pages are indeed full of content but displaying on your website as blank, watch the short 1.5 minutes video below.


So what happens is a good ol’ plugin conflict!

If you install WooCommerce and do not allow WooCommerce to install the necessary pages it hinders your content from being displayed.

The solution is simple

Click the button to allow WooCommerce to install the pages!  If you do not see the button, simply deactivate WooCommerce and reactivate and the click the button that prompts you to allow the pages to be installed.

As I write this, there has been an update recently to WooCommerce that may reduce this issue.  Instead of a small button that floats above your installed plugins on the plugin page there is now a set up wizard that appears once WooCommerce is installed.  Be sure to click through the steps and allow the plugin to install the pages.  If you do not use the set up wizard immediately after installing the WooCommerce plugin, you should see a button like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 6.54.03 PM

Click this button and allow WooCommerce to install the shop pages!

I hope this saves you many hours of frustration and google searching!




  1. I have the same issue but my problem is not woocommerce. I dnt have woocomerce but my pages is not showing..post no problem… only pages. Its happen after i installed and activate mailchimp. I removed it but my problem still there… please help me .

  2. It took me so long to figure out, but I had actually somehow opted to hide the content of my pages in the customisation settings! So within the Post or Single Page settings, make sure the ‘content’ option is not hidden!

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