What is WordPress anyway?

So, What is WordPress anyway?

Some of my customers come to me with a self hosted WordPress site and want a redesign.  Some customers come with a website and know it could be better.  Better looking, better functioning and better SEO.  Then there are business owners that are running a successful business offline and want to expand to an online aspect as well.  Regardless how how well we know WordPress, most of us have heard about it.  So, What is it anyway?

WordPress is a content management system.what-is-wordpress-infographic

A way to display content to your viewers or visitors.  It is stable, and focused on user experience and the latest web standards.

WordPress is easy and powerful.

WordPress works for everyone.

From Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy, Ebay or Sony Music to DIY women just like you and me.

WordPress is not only great just as it is, but with the integration of plugins, widgets and themes the functionality and possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

When I visit with a potential customer about their business whether it is an online business or my local store owner on Main Street my mind immediately begins to see how WordPress can benefit their business.

  • How can we display their brand and keep true to telling their story online?
  • How can we improve their processes, or alleviate mundane tasks by using WordPress?
  • How can we improve their customers experience?
  • What kind of information can we put at their customers fingertips that will convert them to loyal return customers?
  • How can we improve the aesthetic and allow the flat non emotional computer to portray the emotion behind their service or product?

Why do I choose WordPress to design and develop sites for my customers?

1.  It is easy to learn.

I love that within a short amount of time my customers are able to get in there and do it themselves.  They are not bound to the expense of hiring a web developer to swap out an image or add a post.  They can avoid the never ending cost of continuing to build their content.  It is easy.  A post behaves the same as a page and the menu is reordered as the widgets are.  Plugins are often built to look and act as WordPress does.  Once you get the hang of it, you can do it yourself!  I love DIY!

2.  WordPress is an open source project.

Open source means that their are hundreds of people all over the globe working on it.  It is free to use.  The users control the program.  Which brings us to the next reason I love to use WordPress . . .

3.  The community.

The WordPress community is a supportive one.  I have learned, gleaned and grown from my peers in the WordPress community.  If a person is willing to do their homework and become involved the sky’s is the limit.

4.  WordPress is not going anywhere.

WordPress is a content management system that is changing with the industry.  It is not folding up and going away as technology changes.  Instead, there are wonderful tools that are developed to enhance WordPress.  The Genesis framework being one of them.  You can read more about Genesis here, where I explain what “framework” is and why I use it on all of my projects.




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