This option is not utilizing the full width home slider area or the home slider overlay.  Instead, option 2 features a smaller slider in Home Middle Left and two widgets in Home Middle Right.

To setup this option you will navigate to Soliloquy > Add New.  Name your new slider and upload images.  For this slider, on the Config tab you will set the dimensions of your slider to 800 x 500 px.  Save your new slider and copy the short code that is generated for the slider.

Now you will navigate to Appearance > Widgets.

Home – Left Middle

Drag a text widget into the Home – Left Middle widget area and paste the short code into your new text widget.  Save.

Home – Right Middle

In the Home – Right Middle widget area we have a text widget with a title, text and button code.

-In the text widget:

add your message here
<a class="button" href="YOUR LINK HERE">TEXT HERE</a>

-Below the text widget we have a Genesis eNews Extended widget with a title, text to show before form and just an email address.  We recommend using MailChimp to build your list.  Setup an account with MailChimp and create a list.  Then add your form action code from your MailChimp account.


How to configure the Home Bottom Widget Area