The background image can be removed or changed by navigating to:

Appearance > Customize > Front Page Background Images


To set up this widget area navigate to:

Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 3

( Keep in mind, if you imported the widget file, you should already have these widgets in place. )


This is another flexible widget area that will adapt to the number of widgets you add to the area.  See diagram below:

We added two blank text widgets to manipulate the area and display our text on the right side of Front Page 3

There are a couple of things we are doing in this text widget…

  1.  We are using a specially styled option to add a transparent box behind our text.  This just allows our text to show up better because it is floating over an image.  This is totally optional but is there to offer you options and creative ways to best display your content.
  2.  Add a personal touch by using a handwritten font… we coded this option into Influencer to give you ways to be unique!
  3.  We are also using a feature built into Influencer to allow you to insert a video that displays in a lightbox.

Click on the text tab and paste the following code:


Front Page 4