You will find a breakdown of all the other widget areas in Influencer below.  First we will go through the site-wide widget areas then we will go through widget areas that display in specific locations.

Site-wide Widget Areas

Header Right: This area displays to the right just above the navigation and is not used in our demo.

Header Social Area: This is the area for Social Icons that displays just beside the navigation.  Drag a simple social icon widget into this area.  Be sure to set it to align center.

Notification Widget Area: This is a sticky widget area that displays above the navigation.

Footer 1:  Far left footer area

Footer 2: Middle footer area.  In our demo we are using a Custom HTML widget with shortcode to call the Instagram Feed Plugin.  Here is the shortcode: [instagram-feed]

Footer 3: Far right footer area.  In this area we have a Genesis Enews Widget configured as follows:


Widget areas that display in specific locations within the theme

Between Posts Area:  This is a great place for advertising code or a subscription form.  This widget area displays on the blog page between posts every third post.

Above Blog Content:  This is a flexible widget area that displays at the top of the blog page.  This area is great for featured pages, featured categories (posts) a subscription form, welcome video or any other announcement you want to share with your readers.  You can watch a short video of how this area works here.

Single Portfolio Page:  This widget area displays at the bottom of the single portfolio pages.  It was designed to allow you to direct visitors back to the full portfolio page or on to your services page.  You could use it however you choose.

Here is the code we used to add the two buttons you see in our demo:

After Entry:  This displays below single posts and is great for content upgrades, subscription forms or advertising code.

Other information & HTML Code