Influencer Pro gives you the option to display an image behind the title on pages.  To take advantage of this option, simply set a featured image for the page.  The only exception is the Portfolio page… for this page, you set the header image in the WordPress Customizer:  Appearance > Customize >Portfolio Page

Add a Button:

    1.  In the post/page editor simply create a link.  Type your text > click link icon > add your url or select a post/page.  Then you will select your new link and click on Format > select your button size.
    2.  You can use this code:

Add a Content box to highlight important content within Posts/Pages:

See it in action here.  To use this feature simply highlight the content you want to display in the content box and then select format from the editor toolbar and then select the primary or secondary color.


Add a Video Lightbox player:

In a Custom HTML widget, text widget or on a post/page you can use the following code to add a video that will play in a lightbox:

Please note: you will need the embed code not just the url for the video.  In YouTube you click share > embed and copy the url that is generated.  Adding ?rel=0 to the end of it tells it to not display related videos.  For example, you would copy the portion in bold of the generated embed code:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;controls=0” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Background boxes to content:

In addition to the special formatting in the WordPress editor we have also coded a few ways for you to add a background to your content in widget areas.  Front Page 3 shows how you can use a transparent background for your content and in Front Page 4 you can use white boxes behind your content.

Here is the code to use:

For the Transparent box, in any area:

For Front Page 4 white content boxes:


To add handwritten font:


To add an icon:

You can use any icon you see here.

Click on the icon you want to use and you will see this:

You will copy the code for the icon and paste it into your widget or text editor.  It should look like this:

<i class=”fa fa-video-camera”></i>

Important:  You have to change the la la to fa fa or your icon won’t display.

How to use the Flex Page