1. Site Identity

You can change the favicon for your website easily in the WordPress Customizer.  The favicon is the site icon you see beside the site title in your browser tab.  In the image below it is the pink wireframe icon just before  Influencer Pro – A Genesis…

Navigate to appearance > customizer and click on site identity.   Here you can add your own custom credits to display at the bottom of your website and add a custom favicon or site icon.

For the credits you can add something like this:

Copyright © 2016 Your Business Name<br /><br />Website by <a href=”your unique link”>Your Custom Label for Your Link</a>

2. Front Page Background Images

The Influencer theme features several areas where you can have a full-width background image on the homepage.  The theme comes with two default images as seen in the demo, but there are actually 4 different areas you can set an image as the background.  To set your theme up as you see in our demo, you will only use images for sections 1 & 3 and the images need to be 1600px wide by 1000px tall.

3. Portfolio Page

The next thing you can customize in the WordPress Customizer with the Influencer theme is a unique header background image for the Portfolio page.

4. Change Colors

Navigate to appearance > customizer and adjust your colors to your liking or add a branding hex color code.

While the customizer has an explanation of each color option, I will also write it here:

  • Primary Color – This is the most dramatic color on the website.  Anywhere you see the default pink color will change when you change this option.  This is also one of the colors we use for the editor format option.
  • Accent Color – This is the neutral color we use in the colored background sections of the homepage, footer background and for one of the format content boxes in the editor.
  • Secondary Color – This controls the background color of the notification widget if you are using that widget area and the top & bottom site border colors.
  • Primary Text Color – This is the primary color of your text sitewide.
  • Primary Heading Color – This will change the color of your Headings.

5.  Change text logo to a custom logo

The custom logo you have prepared to upload should be created to the dimensions of 400 x 130 px.  The actual size it will displa on the website is 200 x 65 px.  This is to allow a crisp image to display on all screen resolutions including the retina screens.

Navigate to appearance > customize > header image > upload your prepared custom logo.

6.  Front Page Content, Portfolio & Shop Settings

The Influencer Pro theme is coded to allow you maximum flexibility!  You can choose to display blog posts on the homepage, how many to display or not to show them at all.  You can also choose to show your portfolio items and products.

Navigate to appearance > customize > Front Page Content Settings > choose to show or hide

(you will follow the same steps for the portfolio & shop settings)

7.  Set up your navigation menus

You have available a header menu and a footer menu.  While you can do this in the WordPress Customizer, I prefer to work directly in the Menu area:

Navigate to Appearance > Menus

Create a new menu.  Keep in mind, you first have to create content.  Once you have pages & posts you will see them here in the menu area and can add them to a menu.  Until you create content, it will be frustrating to try to build a menu.

Once you create a menu, you can select a location to display your menu and save!


Setting Up the Homepage