Setting up your wordpress workspace

Setting up your WordPress workspace

In this 4:35 minute video I will walk you through the steps I take to set up my workspace before I begin to install a child theme and get it set up like the demo.

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Hover over the title of your site and right click on the visit site link to open the front side of your site in a new tab.
  3. Now open a new tab and visit the Restored316 site and navigate to the theme set up instructions, the FAQ page for your particular WordPress child theme.  Or where you will find the instructions for setting up your new WordPress child theme.
  4. Now in a new tab open the actual demo site for your new theme.  For a Restored316 theme, from the FAQ page, right click and open in a new tab the theme demo site.
  5. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and down in the settings link select permalinks from the flyout menu.  Select the option for post name and save your changes.  By using a permalink structure that is rich in keywords you are increasing your ability for the search engines to crawl your site and help boost your search engine optimization (SEO), so I always choose post name and then use key words in my post name.
  6. The last thing I like to do is just to make sure I have everything at my fingertips.  So make sure the Genesis zip file and the Restored316 zip file are easy to find, I like to add them both to my desktop along with an unzipped file for the child theme as well.

That should do it!  You should now be ready to get your new theme installed.



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