How to customize your 404 page

Let’s talk about something a little embarrassing….the error 404 page.

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone has.

The error 404 page simply means that the information a user was trying to pull up on your website either no longer exists, can’t be found, or the link is broken.

I wish that I could tell you about an ancient potion you could sprinkle over your computer that would, naturally, prevent error 404 pages for as long as you live but, alas, I cannot.  Instead, I have two simple tips for you that may prove to be just as valuable.

Make sure that your website is properly maintained.  This will prevent broken links and dead pages!  For help maintaining your website check out THIS article or THIS service.

Make your 404 page interesting.

Inconvenience is easily forgiven if it makes you chuckle.  Rather than the boring black and white error 404 page, customize yours!  Didn’t know that you could do that?  Check out the examples below.

I really like the 404 pages I’ve seen that put a new spin on encouraging people to return to the home page.  This is a good way to keep viewers from leaving the site altogether.

So, how do you customize your error 404 page? Easy peasy.

1.)  Right now I am using this plugin.
2.)  Install and activate the plugin
3.)  On your dashboard, go to appearance > widgets
4.)  Drop any widgets you would like into the 404 error page widget area and that is it!

Just like that, you have a custom 404 page that seems a lot more ‘human’ and has the potential to interest viewers and redirect traffic instead of annoying and losing them. To see your 404 page after changing it simply search your website’s URL and add /jkjk (or any obscure or nonsense word) to the end.

Let me know how your 404 page turns out!  I’d love to see what you have come up with.

Until next time,


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