The exact steps I take when selecting and managing WordPress plugins

One of the things that makes WordPress so versatile are the plugins that are available.  Plugins allow us to add advanced functionality to our WordPress websites.  They are a very awesome extension to WordPress.

However…. There is some risk in adding plugins.  

In this article, I want to share with you the exact steps I take when selecting and managing WordPress plugins

Here is a video for you… and if you would rather read, I have it written out for you below the video.


Here are the exact steps I go through when choosing a plugin:

  1. The first thing I look for are how many times the plugin has been downloaded.  This tells me that there are a lot of people using the plugin.  If a lot of people are using the plugin, then I can bet there are a few tutorials on the web and on YouTube to get help with it.  It also tells me that folks like it and I might too.
  2. The next thing I look for, is the last time it was updated.  This is important because it will let you know if the plugin developer is keeping the plugin up to date with the latest updates and security patches.  It lets you know if the plugin developer is an active member of the WordPress community and is “in the game”.

Here are some basic rules I stick to when it comes to plugins:

  1. If I want to play around with a few plugins to find the one that works best for me, I make sure I delete the ones I don’t end up using.  Too many plugins will begin to conflict and slow your site speed.   You don’t want to keep any plugins that you are not actively using.  A plugin can always be added back in, so if you are not using it – delete it!
  2. Keep your plugins updated.  Always back up your site before you update, but make sure you keep your plugins updated.  If you allow a plugin to begin to grow old in your WordPress website you are opening yourself up for a security risk.

That’s it!  My exact thinking when it comes to adding and managing plugins in my own WordPress website.  

I hope you found this helpful and that it keeps you a happy WordPress user! 

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